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About the Industry

The Metal Treating Institute (MTI) is the 501c(6) non-profit trade association that helps heat treating companies thrive through our various business services, technical training, leadership development, and voice in the industry. 

The heat treating industry is a $27 billion industry in the U.S. and Canada with thousands of companies. Exciting careers can be built in heat treating; impacting every facet of everyday life.

MTI provides a variety of training options for any employee or leader to educate themselves and hone in on their technical and managerial skills including:

- Heat Treat Technical Specialist Certificate

- Heat Treat Quality Specialist

- Heat Treat Specialist Certificate

- Heat Treat Management Specialist Certificate

- YES Management Training Program

Check out our industry training programs below.  Many heat treating companies pay 100% of your training costs once you are employeed by them.

If you are entering into, or are already a student in, trade/technical school or college, you may qualify for a scholarship from the MTI Educational Foundation.  The MTI Educational Foundation has given over $50,000 in scholarships annually in recent years. Make sure to check out full details on scholarships.

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MTI Training Opportunities for Professional Development

Technical Training
MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters

Leadership Development
YES Management Training Program

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